Are you rebranding? Take the chance of enormous visibility in Brussels !

Posted on 08/08/2016

Every now and then corporates and brands need rebranding. Maybe the house style doesn’t reflect the values of the company anymore, or maybe the corporate fonts were chosen when they were still modern and fresh which is no longer the case.

It is also possible that companies become part of an international group and still have a local name. This was the case when Belgian telecom company Mobistar was taken over by the French Orange Group. By rebranding it to Orange, the company could take advantage of its awareness for global services and use its international purchasing power and expertise in domains such as the Internet of Things. We saw another example of this when energy group Nuon was taken over by the Italian group ENI.

To organizations who have to rebrand, HDS offers full corporate solutions that give managers the opportunity to revise the full company. Defining the new brand positioning has consequences for products and services, channels, customer service, communication. In other words: it’s the ideal moment to also look at the importance of a virtual office in Brussels, at the heart of the European Community and the European market. 

With a new brand you can easily make a lot of publicity, certainly if you have a registered office address in Brussels. For any questions about rebranding, HDS is at your service.