Belgium is praised for its innovation collaborations. Why not take profit of it by choosing a registered office address in Brussels?

Posted on 08/08/2016

Belgium claims the 7th spot on the European Innovation Scoreboard – Europe’s official innovation index. The country achieved a general score that is above the survey average, and reached the #1 spot in terms of innovative collaborations.

Every year, the European Innovation Scoreboard determines how innovative the European Union as a whole, and its members states individually are. It takes into account various parameters such as: research systems, innovation support, and the employment and economic output resulting from a country’s innovation efforts.

According to the European Innovation Scoreboard, Belgium is the absolute European frontrunner for innovation networks and collaboration. This means that companies in Belgium often link their internal innovations to those of other companies or public organizations. The various industry-oriented research centers in the country only add to this trend, as reported by the European Innovation Scoreboard. If you want to take profit from the Belgian innovation networks and collaboration, you can easily do so by choosing a limited presence in Belgium, via a registered office address proposed to you by HDS. We offer also the corporate solutions to bring you in contact with the startup and innovation ecosystem.