Michèle Sioen at European Business Summit 2016: “Investing in Belgium now is an important cornerstone for your future”

Posted on 16/06/2016

The 14th edition of the European Business Summit took place from 1 June to 2 June, in Brussels. It was entitled "A Time for Bold Moves - Sharp Policies to Enable Business Solutions" and attracted more than 2.000 participants from over 60 countries, including: the President of the European Commission, members of the European Commission, members of the European Parliament, Heads of State, CEOs, high-ranking individuals and about 250 journalists and broadcasters to debate, this year, about the European Single Market, a genuine Economic and Monetary Union, an ambitious Digital policy and the support of Entrepreneurship and Creativity throughout Europe.

This event, organized by BUSINESSEUROPE and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB), is Europe’s key platform for decision makers and business leaders to meet and debate how to build a more competitive and sustainable European Union.

During plenaries and thematic sessions, the EBS 2016 explored different themes relevant to European businesses. The EBS debated solutions and provided (policy and business) recommendations on how to steer Europe towards a stronger position in the world.

To this end, a special report was launched.

In the plenary opening session FEB’s president Michèle Sioen, confirmed once more the attractiveness of Belgium as an investment region. She stressed that the terrorist attacks and the actual strikes – difficult to understand while the Blegina National Bank announced for the first time since long good economic news because 65.000 jobs have already been created and 140.000 are still to come till the end 2017 -  may of course harm the image of Belgium, but they cannot erase all the positive attraction points of the country for different industries, such as logistics, life sciences and digital marketing.  “Belgium is not a failed state, but a state in transition”, she said. “Investing in Belgium now is a solid cornerstone for the future.”  

At HDS we are convinced that she’s right. But we’re also convinced that all investments should be handled with care. So, why not start, with a “pre-investment” in a registered office?  We’re ready to help you with all you need !