The advantages of a registered office address in a city with a clear smart city strategy

Posted on 16/06/2016

Cities worldwide seek to make urban living simpler, safer and healthier. Urban performance is no longer just dependent on a city's hard infrastructure – its 'physical capital' - but increasingly on the availability and quality of communication and social resources. The concept of a ‘smart city’ is now being used to describe modern urban competitiveness and highlight the growing importance of social and environmental capital in profiling the attractiveness of a city.

Certain enablers play a key role in this debate, such as information and communication technologies (ICTs) and a move towards an efficient use and consumption of energy.

In our view, a smart city must be a good place to live, offering the best possible quality of life with the lowest possible use of resources.

That means also a good balance between offline and online. As in every other sector, we are more and more evolving towards a culture of “and-and”. Retailers for example can only survive if they put in place a strong omni-channel-strategy. Corporates must also strive to the ideal combination between online and offline, and between real and virtual.

A smart city is also an inclusive place, using technology and innovative solutions to improve social inclusion and combat poverty and deprivation. If corporates choose to work from a registered office, as offered by HDS, it is evident that they should do this in a smart city. In that way, it is important to know that the city of Brussels presents increasingly new ideas and projects to develop an appropriate smart city vision for the city and for the Brussels-Capital Region.  The smart city brings together the needs of its inhabitants, the challenges of our age and the benefits that the digital revolution can provide in both these fields. HDS offers you the possibility to benefit from the smart city efforts of Brussels, and to strengthen your image,  even if you don’t have a physical presence in the European capital.