This is why an office at HDS helps you with idea generation and innovation

Posted on 08/02/2017

Innovation is the driving force of progress, which is a vital element of business development. To put it simpler, if you want your business to grow, you must incorporate innovation into it. It should not surprise that innovation is a new mantra in corporate business. One way to help implement it is to “isolate” a small innovation unit, e.g. in a separated Brussels office at HDS.

Innovation does not mean that you should update your equipment and learn new techniques only. You also need to apply innovation in product development, and in choices for “the new way of work”. As a business owner who wants to see its company grow and launch products that go viral, you must create an environment where people working for you are able to create such products. The HDS offices we offer are such an environment.

Indeed, if you want your employees to actually develop valuable ideas to the point where they can present them as viable products/services/improvements, you need to give them time and space to dedicate to this task. When people working in your office run around for 9 hours without a break, they will be too exhausted to even think about innovation. Therefore, start with analyzing your schedules and monitor each employee’s progress. Ensure they have a chance to rearrange their working timetable to dedicate a portion of the day to developing their ideas.

Today, you can also find a variety of tools that will make your teamwork more efficient, which will also help to free up the extra time you need for nurturing the culture of innovation. There are specialized business management solutions, like Zoho that are designed for maximizing overall efficiency. Our HDS Offices are the places where your innovation team members can use these tools at their best.

More time, more room and more space will lead to idea generation and innovation, that you’ll have to reward. Everyone loves rewards, no matter how small they are. Therefore, the best way to motivate your people to be creative and come up with innovative ideas is to show that they will be rewarded for them. Brussels offers a lot of chances and possibilities to give the best possible rewards. In our HDS offices you can offer encouragement for every idea you get, regardless of whether it works out in the end. Your employees must see that you are approachable and interested in listening to them.

AT HDS Corporate Solutions we are ready to give your innovation teams the time and the space they need and we can give you precious advice about the tools and the rewards that can help you.