UK Companies will have a greater need of a Brussels business address in case of a Brexit

Posted on 21/04/2016

Britons are due to go to the polls to vote in a referendum on June 23rd  2016 to decide whether the UK should remain a member of the EU. This is one of the most important political decisions the UK will have to take for a generation and could have profound political, economic and social consequences for the British people and for British companies alike. 


If the UK does decide to withdraw from the EU what will this mean for companies doing business in the UK and their ability to access the European Single Market? Will the uncertainty of a "Leave" vote deter future foreign inward investment or will the UK, and in particular London's status as a world city, ensure it is business as usual? And how can British firms cope with what happens in Brussels if they don't want to go into "splendid isolation"? 


Anyway, withdrawal would raise a major legal issue, because it is  estimated that up to 50% of current UK law comes from EU Treaty obligations, EU Regulations and Directives. How much will be repealed ? What will stay and how might a newly sovereign UK develop different laws from the EU in the future? For  the moment nobody is really sure of what the legal consequences of an EU withdrawal might be, but one thing is for sure:  if, after a possible Brexit, British companies still want to take part in the European trade, they'll have to be present, one way or another in Brussels. And if the UK stays in the European Union, this presence will also have to be reinforced.

We at HDS, can assist them with all issues regarding this Brussels presence.