Virtual offices in Brussels: multiple advantages

Posted on 17/12/2020

As a result of the pandemic that swept across the world in 2020, companies are now left with the question of what to do next. What will remain of the habits that grew during the lockdown? Will we continue to walk and cycle more? Do we want to order food at home much more often? And above all, what about work? Isn't it pointless to go to an office? Nobody can predict the future, but already now it seems clear that the time of big offices is over. Even if we switch back to a hybrid form of working at home and in the office, less office space will be needed and, even more than in the past, there seems to be a golden future for virtual offices, where many companies can sit together and call on mutual professional services. HDS has anticipated this development and has been providing such virtual solutions for several years.

One of the advantages of virtual offices is that they use a virtual business address and provide an answering machine and mail transfer service to give the impression of real occupancy in a building with the concept of "essentially" being there.

Many businesses use virtual business addresses to solve a variety of problems: Sole proprietorships, partnerships and limited liability companies can obtain a city centre address for a fraction of the cost of renting office space.

Options may vary depending on location. Virtual office services are gaining popularity because they make good financial sense. Virtual offices do not limit workers' locations to an identifiable area. They also offer interesting prospects for small and medium-sized enterprises, not only in terms of cost reduction, but also in terms of ease, flexibility, variety of choice, scope and diversity of business activities.

As a business owner, you need to find services that make your work a little easier and your life less stressful and crowded - you are not exactly superhuman and virtual office services will allow you to focus on other important areas of your life. Services and office space can be added as activities develop. Mail forwarding services are available to any address and your entire business. Correspondence is treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. A virtual office service would also incorporate a prestigious virtual business address in your desired city location with mail forwarding to any location in the world.

Put clearly: virtual offices are a valuable resource for home-based businesses, small offices, branch offices, state offices and country offices. Having the ability to have a business address anywhere in the world without any material expense explains why more and more companies are using business address services from business centres around the world. HDS offers this possibility in Brussels to a growing number of companies. It would be a shame not to take use of it.

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